Happy Hallo-Wine!



Happy Hallo-wine, my book and wine lovers! I decided for this dark holiday that I would re-read a spooktacular book to fit the season. I couldn’t help myself so I grabbed J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover, the first book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series (there are a TON of books in this series and I’m totally sucked in and have to read them all again!). And of course Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon makes the perfect pairing! This wine is absolutely delicious with blackberry and dark cherry aromas. The oakiness is spot on and pairs well with…all the Halloween candy I may or may not be eating. 😉

With a book in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and maybe a bowl of candy that didn’t make it to the trick-or-treaters next to me, I am in vampire bliss!

Happy reading, drinking, and candy eating, my loves!


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