Book Review Criteria

How I review books

I am an optimistic and positive reader and reviewer. Even if it is a horrible book, I don’t regret reading it because I can find at least one positive in everything I read. I enjoy all the books I read, even those that fall a little short of my romantic expectations. That being said, when you see a 1 star rating, I didn’t hate the book. I will not give negative reviews or have a zero star rating. I may mention some things that I would have liked to have seen differently, but I won’t be harshly judging books or authors. I only want to foster happy and positive energy to every writer I review because what they do is truly a gift and a talent. To get an idea of what the yellow and red stars in my reviews mean, see below.


Star Rating System

Story: The yellow “story” stars refer to how much I liked the plot of each book

christmasstar5It wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t grab my attention. I wouldn’t read it a second time.

christmasstar5christmasstar5Not bad, probably predictable or unrealistic (like falling in love too fast or having an uninteresting conflict)

christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5Liked it, not my favorite, but definitely worth a read

christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5Really liked it, recommend it, and would probably read it again

christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5christmasstar5Loved it, definitely worth reading twice, totally recommend it — Read it! Read it NOW!


Hottness: The red “hottness” stars refer to how steamy the love scenes are in each book

red-star-hi Kissing & heavy petting (NO sex, or at least none until marriage as in the Twilight and Significant series)

red-star-hired-star-hi Sex that is vague (mentions that it happens, but doesn’t go into too many details)

red-star-hired-star-hired-star-hi Sex that is mentioned in detail but avoids using explicit anatomically correct terms and either forgoes mentioning these parts or calls them “member” and “flower” (if you know what I’m sayin’)

red-star-hired-star-hired-star-hired-star-hi Explicit sex, sometimes a little kinky

red-star-hired-star-hired-star-hired-star-hired-star-hiVery explicit sex, including kinky sex, BDSM, and/or multiple partners

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